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More stupid questions on this powered LAZY Boy DUI chair

November 5, 2009

Q:  is there a radio with the chair? if not would i be able to put on in? thanks
A:   Yes, but it is not working, unknown what is wrong.

Q:  I just wanted to say how impressed we have been to follow BOTH of the chair auctions and to see how the Proctor police has handled the idiotic comments! You have given us so many laughs as we also drag race at BIR, so have followed this chair story since it broke! We only wish that the original bid of $40,000 would return because with the way the economy is right now, your community could really use it! Keep up the great work, keep the humor coming and best of luck on the sale of the chair – I hope it continues to go MUCH higher!
A:   Thank you

Q:  Do you think this would be safe to take ice fishing? Also, is there a phone charger plug? Thanks much- from Wisconsin
A:   No phone charger plug, best of luck if you take it Ice Fishing. 

Q:  What would it take to make this street legal, beside some mirrows & turn signals
A:   Please check with your State DMV Office

Q:  Hello, I have a couple of questions: 1. Was this whole DWI in a chair staged? 2. If I win this chair can your dept. show proof that this was a real DWI case? 3. Is there any law that would prevent me from giving the chair/toy back to the man that lost it after I win the auction? Thank you
A:   This was a real case, nothing was staged. Yes, we have court documents and if you are the winning bidder, what you do with the chair is up to you.

Q:  Did you let all the high bidders from the previous auction know that the item has been relisted? 
A:   EBay removed the listing and in doing so there is no way for the city to contact the previous bidders.

Q:  is this chair a one owner and how many miles are on it thanks. shawn
A:   This chair has had a previous owner and the mileage is unknown.

Q:  where can i see this can i take it for a test drive ? 
A:   This can be seen at the Proctor Police Department, MN and no test rides are allowed for liability reasons.

Q:  Hello, does this vehicle have a seat belt? Also, do you know if there is enough clearance under the wheel wells for me to put chains on the wheels if need be this winter? Thanks, Tissueguy. Nov-03-09
A:   No seat belt, but I do believe there is room for chains

Q:  I am from Georgia, Cuthbert Ga. we have a lot of red clay roads, can you advised me how she handles on muddy red clay roads? and do you think I could get a 6″ body lift under her? does it have mud grips or racing slicks? thanks for your time,  Nov-03-09
A:   This machine is equipped with lawn Mower tires. Have fun in the Georgia muddy red clay roads if you are the winning bidder.

Q:  Is there a horn on this chair? Is there turn signals? If I bid win and buy this chair is there enough room for my girlfriend to ride in it with me? And how is the gas milage due to I will have to drive it home to Fargo ND?  Nov-03-09
A:   No horn, No turn signals, it would be very tight with the girl friend. Good luck on your trip to back to Fargo if you’re the winning bidder. 

Q:  Has anyone checked to see if there is any change in the seat cushion or other valuables or is it untouched? Nov-03-09
A:   I looked and nothing is there. It’s just not my day.

Q:  You mention the vehicle can reach speeds of 20-40mph. My top of the line lawn mower can barely hit 6mph. Is this vehicle’s engine supercharged? Or is Proctor’s Radar Gun requiring a calibration??? Nov-03-09
A:   We have never clocked this vehicle on radar – this is what we have been advised. We have also been advised that this vehicle has a 6 speed transmission with reverse. You are more than welcome to stop by the police department and inspect the vehicle before placing a bid. 

Q:  Hi & Greetings from Maine !!! Can I trade say,,,,50-100 lbs of Lobster for the chair? Perhaps the lobster could be used to feed the needy,,,a win-win 4 every-1 🙂 Also, Is this “chair” capable of “off roading” like a quad runner ? Thanks !! Nov-03-09
A:   I wish I could take that offer but the Law and tax payers would not be happy. Sorry, but I must turn down your offer. I’d also keep this vehicle on pavement or a hard surface. 

Q:  Would you know if this chair could beat a Segway in the 1/4 mile ? My best friend is a Mall Cop and says that his Segway can spank this Chair in the 1/4 … I intend to bid to win, but i also would like feel confident that (if i spend huge cash) i can beat him on his Segway i2 with 19 inch wheels. Thanks  Nov-03-09
A:   Have no idea, we have not run any test runs. But I would like to see the race. 

Q:  Almost forgot, does it run on alcohol or gas? Nov-03-09
A:   Gas

Q:  You have a seller score of Zero, what’s up with that? Nov-03-09
A:   The city is new to eBay and we are learning very fast.

Q:  Did not know if you knew that the cushion was not thrown away but it is being offered for sale on ebay as well Would it be a conflict of interest for the buyer of this chair to also purchase the cushion? Thanks and keep up the great work! Nov-03-09
A:   Even though the city was advised that the cushion was thrown away, the City will not be pursuing the cushion. If you wish to bid on the cushion please feel free to do so. Thank you 

Q:  how long to I have to pick up or have this awesome chair shipped? Nov-03-09
A:   We will work with the winning bidder; Total payment is required after 7 days of the sale.

Q:  if this chair reaches near the money that was bid the last time and you have a deadbeat bidder who does not pay what is the city going to do to the bidder? thanks kevin Nov-03-09
A:   Take lawful action against that deadbeat bidder.

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