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Woman calls in her DUI to 911 – stupid

November 5, 2009

Good, finally found someone dumber than the guy that drove the DUI chair into a parked car.  Her name is Mary Strey.  And this is her story.  The call came into the 911 dispatcher: “I don’t want to hurt anybody. I’m drunk.”   With that, Mary Strey, 49, of Granton, reported herself as a drunken driver about 3 miles northeast of Neilsville in central Wisconsin.  

Clark County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jim Backus said Monday that Strey’s call on Oct. 24 led deputies to cite her for misdemeanor drunken driving with a blood-alcohol level double the legal limit to drive. She makes her first court appearance Dec. 10.  

Backus said drunken drivers reporting themselves is rare (how about NEVER).   In the 911 call, Strey said she wanted to report a drunken driver and the dispatcher asked if she was behind the suspect vehicle.  “I am them,” Strey said.

Mary Strey DUI 911 call on herself

Mary Strey DUI 911 call on herself - "I am them"

 She then followed the dispatcher’s advice to pull over and turn on her flashers, telling him she Read more…


More stupid questions on this powered LAZY Boy DUI chair

November 5, 2009

Q:  is there a radio with the chair? if not would i be able to put on in? thanks
A:   Yes, but it is not working, unknown what is wrong.

Q:  I just wanted to say how impressed we have been to follow BOTH of the chair auctions and to see how the Proctor police has handled the idiotic comments! You have given us so many laughs as we also drag race at BIR, so have followed this chair story since it broke! We only wish that the original bid of $40,000 would return because with the way the economy is right now, your community could really use it! Keep up the great work, keep the humor coming and best of luck on the sale of the chair – I hope it continues to go MUCH higher!
A:   Thank you

Q:  Do you think this would be safe to take ice fishing? Also, is there a phone charger plug Read more…

Lay-Z-Boy stops eBay auction for motorized chair

November 5, 2009

Trademark infringements can geta really bad taste in peopls mouths real quickly.

Lay-z-boy DUI Chair logo problems trademark

Lay-z-boy not happy....what?

Mere hours before bidding was scheduled to end on the infamous DUI La-Z-Boy-Mobile, the motorized recliner suddenly vanished from the auction.  With the price at $43,100 and rising, eBay received a demand letter from the most unlikely of parties — the La-Z-Boy corporation itself. We’re told La-Z-Boy played the trademark card due to the title of the auction “La-Z-Boy DWI Chair” and eBay was forced to pull the auction.

Here’s the worst part: the chair was being auctioned off by the Proctor Minnesota Police Department and all profits were to benefit the taxpayers.

We’re told La-Z-Boy “felt bad” about stopping the auction — but hey, business is business. 

Anderson is not getting any share from the eBay loot, but his family was able to get him $710 by auctioning a photo of his on on his now famous chariot. I am sure it won’t compensate for his hurt pride, or his lost toy, but hey it should help him pay some of his legal fees.

A piece of advice to the future winner/owner of this infamous chair. You may want to keep practicing your driving skills within your property limits. Even if you do get tempted to show it off to neighbors by zooming through the streets, remember to do it sober. Otherwise, like Anderson, you will forever be labeled as the drunk La-Z-Boy, err, motorized recliner driver

The chair has been relisted so don’t give up. Here is the new listing –

October 29th questions for DUI motorized LazyBoy Chair on eBay

October 31, 2009

Q:  What’s the top speed of this beast? Oct-29-09 A:  Was told it could reach close to 40 mph. I feel that 20 is more
appropriate though. It also has a wheelie bar in the rear for poppin

Q: Does it come in additional color choices? Regular or unleaded? Just curious. Oct-29-09
A: What you see is what you get. You can inspect the vehicle Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Proctor Police Department, 100 Pionk Drive Proctor, MN. For the weekend please call this Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to schedule an appointment by calling (218) 624-7788. Thank you
Q: Can I test drive first?? Oct-29-09
A: No test drives due to no insurance and liability issues, You can inspect the vehicle Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Proctor Police Department, 100 Pionk Drive Proctor, MN. For the weekend please call this Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to schedule an appointment by calling (218) 624-7788. Thank you
Q: This has a broken drive shaft doesn’t it ? Are you disclosing that ? Oct-29-09
A: Have no idea if it has a broken drive shaft, maybe that’s what I am considering to be a sloppy transmission. I’m no mechanic; the city is not spending funds on this forfeited vehicle. The vehicle is being sold as is and anyone is welcome to take a look at the vehicle before placing a bid.
Q: Do the brakes work? also what do you mean by sloppy transmision?… is it hydrostatic drive or does it have a gear box. Oct-29-09
A: The vehicle to my knowledge has no brakes. What I mean by sloppy – When shifting into a higher gear there is lag time. I’m not a mechanic so I cannot tell you what type of transmission the chair has. You are welcome to take a look for yourself.
Q: I hope that this thing sells for Tons of money. You guys do a great job and hope you can get some new squad cars or somthing with it !!! Duluth resident that wishes you all the best !!! Oct-29-09
A: Thank you
Q: What is the max speed? Will you have an officer operate it at full speed and another hit it with radar and if so, will you provide a picture of the officer testing the speed in the chair? Oct-29-09
A: Unknown what max speed is and we will not be running any test runs. The vehicle was running and the transmission is sloppy. City funds will not be spent on this vehicle it is being sold as is.
A: Will not get into the specifics of the case – that’s over with. We really do not know how fast it will go and we will not be running test runs to find out. I can tell you the transmission is sloppy.
Q: I wonder if we can use this in the Christmas City of the North Parade and have Santa driving it? But no spirits on board…promise. Oct-29-09
A: Great idea – if you are the winning bidder you can do as you wish.
Q: Hey Chief, your O.K. in my book…..does it have a tow hook ? Oct-29-09
A: Thank you and no this chair does not have a tow hook.
Q: Don’t you think he should have got his chair back? Clearly this meant something to the guy. You’re slapping him in the face buy selling it like this. Oct-29-09
A: The sale of this vehicle has nothing to do with the past owner.
Q: I was wondering if the foot rest works as I would like to relax when driving the chair. And did the chair have mirror’s so if I need to put on make-up when I am in the chair I can see my face. Oct-29-09
A: By manually lifting the footrest it does raise up so you can get to the front tires. There is one mirror on the left side and with a little adjustment you should have no problem applying your make-up.
Q: Does it come with a “Get out of Jail Free Card” Oct-29-09
A: Not in this town
Q: was this used in a “High Speed Pursuit” Oct-29-09
A: No
Q: Are you allowing prospective buyers to come in and inspect this item prior to the end of the auction? Oct-29-09
A: Yes, For Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Proctor Police Department, 100 Pionk Drive Proctor, MN. For the weekend please call this Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to schedule an appointment by calling (218) 624-7788. Thank you
Q: Will it tow an ottoman? Oct-29-09
A: I like your question, I guess it depends on whether the colors match or clash with each other. The winning bidder will have the option to do whatever they want to do with the chair.
Q: is this chair DMV street legal if turn signals and a rear tail/stop lamp are installed ? Would this be classified and registered as a moped under DMV registration ?? Thanks — Mark Oct-29-09
A: Currently this vehicle is not street legal. Please refer your question to your nearest State DMV Office.
Q: Where does the law require the proceeds to go? Oct-29-09
A: Please refer to Minnesota Statute 169A.63 which covers VEHICLE FORFEITURE
Q: How fast does it go when the NOS is turned on? Oct-29-09
A: The NOS tank and lines are purely for looks and is not actually hooked up to the engine as far as i am aware.
Q: Has the owner of this chair had his day in court, or did you confiscate his property from him — that which you are now selling for profit — based solely on the accusation of wrongdoing? Oct-29-09
A: Yes, the owner has had a chance to contest the forfeiture (due process). We are a government agency and the law dictates when forfeitures must occur. MN law also determines where the proceeds MUST go.
Q: if we win the bid, is there any legal reason why this chair could not be returned to the orginal owner/builder?? Oct-29-09
A: No. There is nothing barring a third party from returning it to the original owner or builder if they wished to do so.

The eBay auction for the LazyBoy DUI Chair – 40mph

October 31, 2009

LazyBoy DUI Vehicle Description, Motorized Chair

Remember the guy who recently pleaded guilty to driving drunk in northern Minnesota — in a motorized La-Z-Boy chair?

Now, the police in Proctor, Minn., are auctioning off the chair, which is powered by a lawnmower engine and is equipped with a stereo, cup-holders and lights.

They put it on eBay Thursday, but cautioned it isn’t street legal. As of Friday evening, the top bid was $3,600. Proceeds will go to the police, the state and the prosecutor’s office.

The former owner, Dennis LeRoy Anderson, pleaded guilty to operating the chair while intoxicated. His family also has turned to eBay, trying to auction an autographed photo of him riding the La-Z-Boy to help with his legal fees.

hell yeah its fast DUI chair motorizedKnown as the world famous DWI Motorized La-Z-Boy style Chair, year built unknown. This is a unique vehicle located in Proctor Minnesota.  The vehicle has been obtained from a DWI forfeiture and has not been restored. Engine: Briggs and Stratton Model # 19070 Type: 5641 with electric start.  Transmission type unknown and is sloppy. The vehicle has front lights, rear tag light, radio, cup holder, rear roll bars and other custom options, missing the seat cushion.  Curb weight of vehicle is unknown, length is 52” and width is 45”.  This is a great parade vehicle or a terrific business draw. Be the only one in town with a unique vehicle like this.  This is not a street legal vehicle.

Lazyboy dui chair - Dennis Leroy anderson

Lazyboy dui chair - Dennis Leroy anderson on eBay


This vehicle is local pick-up only. This vehicle can be pick-up at the City of Proctor, Minnesota Police Department by you or a transport company that you arrange Monday Thru Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will not ship nor arrange shipping.

The Motorized Chair is the DWI Forfeit Vehicle that has been reported by the news media worldwide and is being sold as- is and ownership will be transferred on a bill of sale.


Bid on it over here –

Hello world!

October 31, 2009

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